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stabbing at the dark.

I wonder what he dreams of. Probably a jumbled swirl of colors and dialogue from the colbert report.

That's my boy.

It tastes better with chips.

I don't feel like spelling today, so forgive me, your innate criticisms are but a minuscule fart in the wind.

Ack. Lunch is over.

The way the raid wipes.

This green chile is burning my insides.

Right, well no bonus til the 12th. At least there is a cook out? I am not feeling it today. "It" as in my being. Today, I am not self-aware. NWuaha!

The walls are closing in. My eyes won't open.

Highlight of my day was seeing my lady at work. She bit my inner thigh and it has bruised into a tumor or something.

Fuck this entry and fuck you for reading it.

Because most of you enforce my hatred.

My balls have been stinking something fierce the past few days. I am in dire need of a shower.

Michael has been developing well and soon ,I fear, he will be up and about pulling on tails and chewing on what was never meant to be.I find myself missing him more everyday. I guess it feels good to be counted on and not fail with sobbing grays. The fear is always there, but for now, I nudge aside the what ifs.

Charles is still my favorite racist bastard. He has been bitching about school, unintentionally reminding me to prepare for it.

I was supposed to get 3 days off this week. Alas, to no avail. My plans are all but shatterd as I sit here scratching myself. I am probably going to ditch out early all this week. Also probably going to Febreeze my crotch.

I have a flat tire, kupo, so for the past few days my view on life has been a bit crooked. I miss my short haired lady. Goddamn I smell bad.

Later, Braaxis!

Hang in there, Batman.

All the world needs is a little fucking salt. 

Farm til exalted.

I have no quarrel with killing a million billion ogres.

Do you feel like I do?

My shift key is bothering me. 

Some fights you just can't win.

Particularly, when it is 5 warlocks.

Feb. 9th, 2008

 Sometimes you have to grab your elbows and whistle at the crowd.

The word of the day is cacophony.

There were nerds in my sock.

I had a place where I could hide from it all.
        But the feds blew it up.
I had a person who could solve all my problems.
        But God locked him away.
I found I could finally be myself.
        But Honda broke my finger.


It is only so long before this troll snaps and kills some random elf.