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Random poetry.

I hate poetry. So much.

Consider the Wolf

Legs laid out like a compass.
An incoherent wish.
Two orbs shine without love,
Hatred or the like.
Those hungry mouths,
awaiting those laid out legs.
A chance never had.
A beast in a car playing possum.
I stared into the face of sin,
But saw only you and I.

How the Dice Rolls
It is my great misfortune to say we are falling.
Every infant and child, every man and woman who posses a soul.
We are all falling, over the edge into the hole.
Through this endless spiral we all fall, in and out of God's memory.
As if we never existed.
Save your tears, they will be washed by the current.
Save your screams, for they can not be heard.
In this great abyss we live, falling to the corner of Time's great Eye.
Breathe this breath as if it were your last.
It is as a twin to your first.
Savor everyone between

Say something.
Something wild.
Something optimistic.
Something, child.
Say something that will stick.
Like candy I can lick.
Give me words I can hang.
Words with a bang.
Give me text give me numbers.
Give me jumbles, give song.
Baby, promise you love me, and I'll hold you all night long

How to be a Father
Never hit without good reason. Never get carried away.
Never use anything but your hands. Never pick up the wrong bottle.
Never say one thing and mean another. Never say 'Because I said so.'
Never answer with 'I Don't Care'. Never do what you'll regret.
Never turn on the TV until you say 'Hello'. Never forget why you earn money.
Never go to bed without saying 'Goodnight'. Never stop teaching.
Never ignore a bad dream. Never forget a day.
Never take the world home. Never say never.



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